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            Natural Sphere

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            "BBQ BEETS 2" V/A. selected by DJ Olive & Natural Sphere    
            Just when you thought the world was coming to an end, 100% independent sunrise breaks from the Brooklyn underground bring a soft, nonchalant chill out sound to the rescue. Full of true AM vibes. Barbecue Beets II more than delivers on the high expectations created by the first Barbecue Beets comp. This time, DJ Olive and Natural Sphere dish out the Agriculture treats. A tag team barbecue of all the backyard and roof musik classics for a full and hearty fluid feast that keeps your ass engaged. From lazy to jump up funky dub&bass by Once11, Nettle (aka DJ /Rupture), Lloop, DJ Olive, qpe, Sub Dub, Badawi, and much much more. Make a barbecue with your friends and slap this on.


            Cali surfer beach urchin bed room producer and DJ, Natural Sphere, found his musical roots while working with Kim Cascone in San Francisco. After moving to News York in the mid nineties he would often be found tearing up rugged rooftop beatz and shredding classic ambient B Sides while rinsing out some of the most spectacular after hour events of the silicone alley dot.com bubble. Natural Sphere means that which comes to you, naturally, he says. "We are all born deeply curious, creative, and intelligent ...Sun sets and all the sunrises effects hugz Big Chill a-geeza beach front sound systems Greece Crete Turkey Santa Cruz Cloudwatch in Baltimore and countless friends and music in beautiful locations... I miss you ...you know who you are". Natural Sphere.

            Sound Design for Leo Villareal


            BBQ Beets 2:
            Return Of The

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            My Real Face
            Vision Quest 2

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            PAST LIVE EVENTS:


            DJ Natural Sphere plays Toph One's Red Wine Social. Feb 1, 2006 9pm. San Francisco, CA.


            December 10th, 2005. 10pm - 4am. FREE.
            Downtown Manhattan. More info here.

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